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Aith Gun
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Horses, Milligan, Wars and Matchstick Men

Well the weekend started with me and a filly. Well this was my first time on a horse this big. We got to learn the rudiments and also discovered horses have a personality, a rising trot and that horses eat each others poo..oooh
Then a dash to Salford, Manchester
On the way we spotted some of these....
This then was followed by a spell at the theatre to watch Spike Milligans "Adolf Hitler:My Part in His Downfall" at The Lowry
We had a fantastic time, the show was full of some of Spikes comments, plenty of music and the guys were extreamly good at all the instruments and parts they played. We were in the tiers but the seating was not very comfortable, we were on bar stools, like you have around the breakfast bar.
The day was done....but the adventure wasn't.
We walk along the docks and the litter bins were overflowing, we got back to the Holiday Inn to find our room was missing towels, so a call to reception, a 15 minute wait, then an out of breath lad in a waistcoat thrust two towel at me through the door and ran off, I get the feeling he may have been on his own.
The next day, we walked past the same overflowing litter bins to the Imperial War Museum..
Was greeted by a Russian Tank
A few things to watch and do. There is a basis to the displays of a timeline through the 20th Century.
A pod used by folk on the roofs of buildings in our major cities on fire watch, they would protect from flashes and some shrapnel but not a direct hit, slits were cut for obs.
A ship mounted flame thrower. To be honnest, tanks of highly flammable fuels on a vessel being shot at that has a flame thrower with the reach of a standard fire hose is not a vessel I want to be on.

This is the Merlin engine that powered Spitfires and Hurricanes, built by Rolls Royce. A brilliant piece of kit that helped win the battle against Hitlers plans.

The above two are from the Berlin Wall, the searchlight was electricaly powered via gears and used to pinpoint escapers to the better west.
The above was the British Nuclear Deterant and a also a pic of the Americans and Russians with a apt title...
Then back to The Lowry to look at Lowrys paintings and drawings and a wee tour.
In all a fantastic weekend.....


  1. I love Manchester and the museum. My husband came over with the tank on his return from Iraq. He use to do pull-ups on the barrel! He was stunned when he saw it outsied the museum!

  2. Wow, I will look at it in a different light now.
    Inside the museum is another tank, the museum darkens the main exibit space and uses a series of projections and audio to enhance the visit. There were also folk who would do talks. I aslo found out there was an HMS Unst and OSDEF Orkney and Shetland Defences. A picture of the boat (FL 9837) and badge (INS 6484) can be found at the Imperial War Museums web site..thanx for reading my blog :-)

  3. Nice horse there Keef, years since I use to ride. god collection of the virus scull boast too but withthe sliding seat eh?

    Sunny up here the last few days :O)