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Aith Gun
Breezy Isles, Shetland

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Southport, Lancashire

The above picture sorta sums Southport up. A seaside refuge for folk from Liverpool North. A mix of old and new. This post was inspired by Kev who, when I was here was traveling back from seeing Tessa Cohen on the Mainland in Shetland. Below are some new apartments and a hotel. Art Deco in design and pleasing to look at. Sadly, the retail part had been MT for some time since its completion,
The theatre is squeeze next to it, it has been around and faces the lake built by the Victorians when Southport was a pioneer in the seaside trade. Many good things have happened there.
This is the new bridge built during the second Elizabethan Times. Alot of money has been spent in Southport, and it did need it, and still needs it..behind it is the pier....
After stepping on to the pier, this is a look back to its entrance. A tram runs the pier in busy times and part of it can be closed to the public at night.
A paddle steamer. My partners Dad worked on it and transported it on the back of a lorry, she remembers sitting in it as they travelled, no health and safety there then, but she survived. You can hire a wee motor boat and go around in circles.
Ah, the said motor boats and a rare image of the Lesser Spotted Lizzie.
If you are young, have a rubber head and can heal quickly, this may be the place for you. Though full of yunguns, lots of grumpy types seem to hang around to watch and comment on any carnage, with claims of "I knew that would happen"
For those of a more energetic dispossition there is the wee golf course. In the distance the dreaded shopping experience.
This yellow snake replaces the tram everynowandthen. Kids loveit, as do dome older kids..
Southport is well trained me thinx. This is a bit of a delpadated station with a mini diesel engine enthusiast taking more folks for a ride...
AAAAAgggggghhhhhh....The dreaded and most evil M
For a donation you can have a bronze thing inserted into the deck of the pier..
Now, don't this look nice. Lizzie commented saying that it looks very much American. I did not think it was that bad as all the cars had their steering wheels on the right. We travel on the left because of days when we carried swords and rode horses. Travelling on the left allows you to draw and use your sword.
You can ride one of Winny the Poos mates
All dem cars catching the rays, I wonder how many bottles, sprays and cigarette lighters exploded within these carriages

Plenty of room

Near the end of the pier is an arcade that still uses the old British pennies in old machines.

Close to the end now, a silver thing with seats beckons
Plenty of room, even for the gas rig
Ah there is me, that proves I am not a vampire
The end, next would be Ireland
Well that is my little contribution to the tourist industry in Southport.

Hope you enjoyed it..

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  1. Looks like worlds away from here LOL!