Aith Gun

Aith Gun
Breezy Isles, Shetland

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Grass, baby arachnids and back to earth

These wee fellas were the first baby spiders I had seen this year. When there is no wind they ball together, but as soon as a breeze hit them they would abseil and hope to be carried off. I have heard that spiders have been found at over 20,000 feet high, there is also a rumour that we all come from spiders from outerspace. Dead dudes landed on our bare planet and the bacteria they contained started us lot and all you can see.. The Auld fella hase a Honey, we have a Suzi, here you get to meet the tin box.

The first Radish this year. How exciting, I guess you are all saving this image for you desk top.
This is a French variety, somewhat bland and tasteless. These varieties of radish have been messed about cos we dont like the hot variety I remember in times gone by, they also used to grow in about 2-3 weeks, these things took 4-5. The search is on for the hot salad radish.

There is much debate about these Montgolfier flying devices. I think luckily they are so expensive in this country that hundreds are not let go at once. These ones came down in our strees, not a bad shot for two to get here, our street is only 1/10th of a mile long if stretched and only 15 feet wide.
These will fly as long as the fuel cell keeps burning, the wee black thing you can see ar the circular opening. They are carried with the wind for up to 2 minutes.
These modern day Doodlebugs are the bain of farmers and coastguards. Because of their wire construction they do not rot, the ballon bit does, there have been reported complains of these being entangles on cloven hooves and bovine snouts, sheep have had then entwined in their pelts causing sores and the like. When these sorts of things forst flew many generations ago in the east they were made from bamboo. Although bamboo was used in the torcher of WWII prisoners of war they were pretty harmless to animals. They come in different colours and can and have been mistaken for a distress flare by sea going folk. Although practice is good, measured practice can be budgeted for. And folk don't risk their lives chasing hot air.
A misty morning on the future housing development.

What will come first, the damson or the bulldozer. Well with the current situation I think I will get the sweet treat of damsen for breakfast and pre tea as I travel too and from work if the kids and wasps dont beat me. The cold winter seems to have put paid to wasps as there have only been a couple of sightings. We had a wasps nest in our attic. A wonderful creation of nature made up from our fence chewed up and spat out. Sadly it could not stay for too long. I waited for as long as I could before I dealt with it. The little critters were in the house and with the Lesser Spotted Lizzies' medical thingies were hade to get rid of them.


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