Aith Gun

Aith Gun
Breezy Isles, Shetland

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well then, I did it, with the help of an army of supporters.

I am now a Borough Councillor.

After several weeks of campaigning, the last day had come. We were frantically posting more leaflets and I rode my bike along every road and street in my ward, flag flying and proudly wearing my rosette.

Manned a polling station and visited many more, I recon I did about 30 miles.

At 8 pm we called it a day, many folk came round and we had a post campaign/pre-election yarn with snacks and tea and coffee, some even got some Blooming Tea.

Put on my Ben Sherman 2 piece, pink pin striped shirt and silk tie and off we went to the Eagle & Child.

At 11pm we went to the civic centre. Wow, there were about 150 folk milling around, some counting and some wearing yellow, red or blue ties, just incase.

The atmosphere was quite nice and lucid, as the night drew on and tiredness crept in the tension soon showed.

Re-counts were happening all over, the running had been very tight, folk were winning with a handful of votes, some with just 2.

As the night became morning, folk had lost some sense of self, body odour was abound and some breaths could strip paint.

Here comes mine.

I could not hang around and watch, the more I looked at the counted ballot papers, the more I saw crosses against the oppositions names.

After about 20 minutes, I had just come back from having a wee, a fellow candidate came beaming out of the crowd. "You've done it". For a start, I was taken aback, was this for real, was there someone behind me.

We were called to the head of the table to verify the votes and examine the spoilt papers.

I had won, and so had my running mate.

A few minutes later, up onto the stage, grins being fought back, then it was read out. I did not realise it but I had the most votes in the ward, and to top it all I beat the opposition with a 20% margin.
After stepping down from the stage, a woman from the Council said "could you sign this Councillor" WOW, a big slap on the back and a multitude of handshakes.

At that time, my thoughts were with my Mam and Dad, and I wondered if they would have been proud of me, the one guy who I knew would be would have been my Great Uncle Tom Morris, bus driver, politician, mayor, entertainer, friend to the Queen Mum and the Beverly Sisters.
Sadly they are not with us in body or in mind, so I sit and wonder.

Now, 2 weeks later I sit here on a Sunday evening and can finally relax. What with inductions, training and the admin I have been busy. The training and meetings go on for another 2 weeks fully, then we get into an order, the first business session is on, this is where we find out if we are going to be elected onto various committees.

No rest now.

Thanx to all that were instrumental to making my day.

And let their god look after the souls of those not around to smile with me.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you.

    I now have another outlet to mention how nice Shetland is...