Aith Gun

Aith Gun
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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Community Health Champion

Hi folks,

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in some very good company. I attended the "Community Health Champion" course held by North West Employers for us councillors.

I was quite taken aback at all the information that was presented, also the passion of those hosting the course and the speakers that came on both days.

I have not had time to digest all the information, I collected many links and the possibility of some funding for projects, over the next week I will collate these and present them here, I will also be doing it for the South Ribble Labour Group.

From what I have seen, from South Ribble, only Labour councillors attended. In our session, there were two Conservatives from Cumbria CC. Two Labour councillors from Liverpool CC and one Labour councillor from Halton. Cllr Mick Titherington and myself were the only councillors in opposition.
This may make it a little difficult to put issues forward in South Ribble, we can only hope that the Tories there see some sense. We will give our councillors as much information as we can.

The training was specifically designed for community members, North West Employers are looking at holding some more, so if you are interested, get on to them, they mentioned September.

One thing that did stand out was much of the research was done in and around Liverpool. It was important I thought to mention this at the end of the session, we should see Liverpool as forward and not, as the Tory media would like to see it as the reverse. What the North West is benefiting from is the hardships of a few. Please keep that in your thoughts.

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