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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kingsfold Community - Hardship Fund

Need a little help???

 There is a small fund available for those who may need a little help. This applies to groups and residents in Kingsfold. Please keep in mind, it is a small fund. If your group needs something or you are struggling to pay a bill or at risk of getting into debt then we may be able to help.
We will as well try to point you in the right direction and see if there are any other ways you can get help.
They will normally be a one off payment though consideration may be given for up to two months if required.
You must live in Kingsfold and your group must be in Kingsfold to help enhance the lives of Kingsfold residents.
The money is offered completely on trust. I would like to know how it was used though and if it helped.

It is a confidential service, unless your group would not mind me mentioning them on my radio show and on this and other website. Hopefully it will get you more attention.
You can contact me or pop along to the Penwortham Community Centre and speak to either Mick or Steve, the two officers. They will then contact me.

If you feel you want to take part in this project, have a little spare cash we are hoping to set a small committee up to perhaps boost this. It will evolve as time and experience goes.

Where did the money come from?
The Council at South Ribble voted to increase members expenses by £250 a year to cover increased costs of fuel and other modes of transport. I ride a bike every where, you may have seen me. So the extra "expense" is not really there. I obtained the bike from my work with the Cycle to Work scheme. I have added another £50 to that and it then lets us offer £25 a month. I know it is not a great amount, but it could be just enough to give a little boost, buy a little time or get the odd piece of stationary for your group.

The fund has been taken twice, not all of it, but enough to help.

I have recently qualified as a Community Health Champion with the Royal Society for Public Health. I now get regular updates from the NHS and other bodies. I will be putting this together for my web site and for here. It is taking a little longer than I hoped.


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