Aith Gun

Aith Gun
Breezy Isles, Shetland

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gettin up ones nose.

Where is the British spirit? We would always fight for what we thought was right, we would not be just walked over. Daycare centers, swimming pools, libraries are all closing. What gets up my nose is my MP, Lorraine Fulbrook seems have to have moved south, not fighting for her electorate. Financed by hedge fund owners and livin it up.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As we get older. We all deserve some support

As our days here tick away like a wind up clock, the mainspring getting weaker and each tick becomes more tiring it is nice to know that at the moment, when the spring does weeken there will be folk there to help the hand along the way. Sadly, we are being forced to hope that this help will be around in the future. The way the UK GOV is speeding through these cuts they SAY we need, we are not planning properly for the future. We think for a moment that things have settled and we can make plans, then another cut, like pulling the sticks from a game of Kerplunk. The marbles will trickle down as their support is removed until there are not enough sticks to sustain the marbles and they come crashing down. Us marbles need to stop our support being withdrawn. Too many will not be able to stop themselves hitting the bottom, some need extra sticks. Let us now work together to hold onto our sticks, and eachother, we are all gorgeous and ain't it gorgeous to meet and help gorgeous people. Take care or each other, be nice human beans.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, it seems the current radio show I have been working on may be ending soon. The radio station reviews all shows every 6 months.
I have been working with Inga Scott from Shetland Live to produce 2 shows. One for the web site and one for PrestonFM.
If any of you would like to take part who read this post we can probably include most topics.
A your say section, a message to the world, stories, poetry, music or just to be a voice for jingles and promos.
We hope to run this as a community venture, to promote Shetland and the good folk there.
We are also looking at a spoken news service on-line, for those who would prefer to hear the news from the Street.
I will leave it with you for now, visit Shetland Live for more details.

A nice day in Bretherton

Sittin here having my dinner in Back Lane. There are many Back Lanes in Lancashire. The layered hedge infront of me has been bared by winter but idoes reveal. The lawn and feeding birds behind it. The hedgerow looks to be very old and has not been trimmed for a while. It is resonably warm considering the recent 0.01 of a meter snow fall we had the other day. Almost misleading, couls spring be on its way, especially as the Fire Season is here and the Galley boys and Girls are frought with intrepidation and fright. Up Helly Aa is commin
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Friday, January 07, 2011

Where is it all going?

As I sit here at work watching the snow white washin the land on which I live, I wonder why folks seem to be a little less caring nowadays. Because I work for a local authority, it seems I may have to pay for the mistakes made by those who are now awarding themselves huge bonuses and wage rises. It seems that we need to slash budgets so much it seems outragous and a disrespect for folks labours. We are going to cut up and scrap Nimrods that are about to go into service. The job losses, compensation for breached contracts and the moral well being of the community are a huge cost to take, then the skilled folk will leave, ideas and innovations will stagnate and this part of British industry will die back to service the ideals of folk who were not directly elected into power.
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