Aith Gun

Aith Gun
Breezy Isles, Shetland

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

400 litres of Ice

Well, the last evening of sub zero temperature killed off my water butts. I came home to find them both split along the bottom and up the sides. I now think that I should have emptied them. Good new though, now it is thawing I can see my carp survived in the pond. I left the pump and filter going and he seemed to have survived by staying in the movement of water between them. I do hope you all had a great time over the last few days. Here here to a great New Year.
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Property Damage, the Comrades Club, A59, Ormskirk
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The Comrades Club of WW1. Where have all the young men gone?

Gone but never forgotton. This club in Ormskirk on the A59 is slowly tumbling into the ground. The memorial at the front is adorned with poppies, the building with the sprayed scrawl of the youth that benefited. I am sure many pounds were raised, many a comforting arm and some sad memories have been within these walls.
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TeeVee Rubbish

With the coming holiday I wonder how many folk will spend a couple of weeks watching this. It is the only time I think that many families will sit around the table for a meal. The seasons greatings will not be enjoyed by all. As with the world cup, this time brings the increase in violence against women and children. This sorta stuff needs to stop. There are many reasons for it and there is no simple answer. If, at this time, or any, you see these actions or the result of, could you sit back and not do anything. The sad thing is about it is if it were a cat or a dog being kicked to death we would report it.
Think of the kids and their mams. There are occasions that the male of the relationship is the one being abused. As I said, no simple answer.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The top of Parbold Hill, near Wigan

The view from here can be outstanding. Many a time I have sat up here, scanning the view and getting ready for what you can see comming. A good place to be perhaps. The other side of the road you cannot see so well due to a few houses and a pub, I have been caught out from that side, behind things that appear so familiar, they hid the pending bad weather. I sorta think that being at the top requires allround vision, perhaps looking behind some stuff to find out more. From there you can help other folk see, who, for whatever reason are unable. An advantage should be shared a little, someone could have given you that helping hand to get you to the top.
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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Preston Docks, Preston.

It has gone 9 am and the sun has just clawed its way over the rooftops, for a short time it will melt the ice and sink again. And its efforts will be forgotten the next day. Folk are already complaining, making their excuses. For however long, take a little time to paint your face with sunlight and warm the you inside. It will lift the corners of your mouth and you will feel it is all worth it. It is great to be a human bean.
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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Taking stock in Bickerstaffe

There will be allot of taking stock in 2011.
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Traffic Management in NW

First job of the day. Outside Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire. A bright crispy day. Installing CCTV. They have a cashpoint machine that still gives five pound notes, the last time I saw that was in 1988. Poor students. The university overlooks Ormskirk ans Aughton, you can see the steeple of Christ Church, Long Lane/A59. All the treetops are coated with frozen dew, the crystals trying their upmost to get away from the twigs and bud but rely totally on them for support. Tha sun is slowly withering them, but they will be back again.
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Monday, December 06, 2010

Another call out in Hoghton, Lancs

Here we go again, got a call to say the door was off this lamp post and they were not wrong.
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Making safe the electriciy supply after accident wit lamp post

We had to dig out the concrete lamp post stump, reconnect the remaining lights and encapsulate joint in resin.
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Sunday, December 05, 2010

On a call out in Tarleton, Lancashre.

Well it is 22:43 on Sunday. This our 4th call out today. Folk driving too fast on ice demolishing lamposts, other folks properties and doing a runner. 2 grand costs to tax payer and several hundred to repair fence and driveway.
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Friday, December 03, 2010

Gritting the M6, Lancashire
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This one has seen a few winter holidays.

On a piece of unused land just outside of Blackburn on Preston New Road. Wonder how old it is? Many years to come I hope.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

In General

Ah yes, it has been a while since I have been home, me Dads house is now sold and he has now settled at Viewforth. Sorta worried now about all these cuts we are having from the ConDemNation (RightWingRevengers).
Even though my Dad pays for his own care he could pay more or get less of a service, we will wait and see. My Auntie Caroline and friends made a fortune with the Charity shop for Juvenile Diabetes, she's a good egg.
We have taken out redundancy insurance, as both of us serve the public. We did the sums and for 2 years it would be worth it.
We are having a fantastic autumn, well colourwise.
It seems that the winter has upset folk as they seem to be driving like bigger idiots than before, too many still using phones etc.
The radio project is going well, we enjoy it. We have obtained a mini studio so we are looking at our own productions, I may even get to go onto SIBC....

News 1945

If anyone is interested in owning this and you have a good reason (ie it is going home) let me know via my e-mail

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Quays Theatre, The Lowrey, Manchester. To watch 'Hit Me' The life and Rhymes of Ian Dury.

After a dodgy jouney down the M61 with accidents, commuters and sat nav problems we got to Salford quays.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Off

It is sad nowadays that folk have to work every day. The stress it must cause must become unmeasurable. Then folk will not spend good time with folk, exploring human kind and how a little down time, stock taking can be quite hypnotic and leads to a better understanding. Had a meal with family yesterday, it was very nice. A little banter. We seem to surround all facettes of our lives with the tensions of expectations. Book yourself some thinking time, eat well and smile at folk, they will generally smile back, and so you have started something :-)}
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Rainy Days

I remember this sorta view from when I was small. The summer holidays had just started, just in time for the rain. Our Mam had got us books, crayons, drinks and snacks for the train journey a head o us. We would get to the station in London, everything was shiney, crystal like in the wet, looking at the gutter, noticing the patterns of wee oil slicks and the black whisps of diesel exhaust particals. Waitin in the station, always finding the spot where the roof leaked. Then onto the train. We had to befriend the train for it was to be our conveyor to Aberdeen and a short visit to Balmedie. The train, 13 hours of it was ok till it got dark and nothing could be seen except the small galaxies called towns, and the swirling traffic, lights reflected even more so because of the crystal. If you opened the window on the door and put your hand out you would cringe at the coldness the rain peppering your skin at many miles an hour. Dawn would break to the right and folk would get up to wet the tracks. Soon we would be travelling along the east coast of Scotland, over the bridge to Dundee I remember me Dad pointing out the foundations of the 1st bridge that collapsed killing quite a few folk. It was the time of the rig building frenzy and you could not look towards Europe without seeing one being dragged to the spot of future wealth. Aberdeen always felt cold. And wet too. On the bus to visit folk. Arriving in Balmedie, all of us knackered. Getting scalded by Mam for my dirty neck then finding out it was the dye from the new shirt she had got me to travel in. Then to the Clair, down to the depths of this hulk, next door would be the sheep. We would say hello to Kenny, have a snack and hit the bunks. Through the night, the constant penetrating drone of the engine and bearings, sheep worried, bags and clatters and the water wooshing past the door under the false decking and crashing upon the bulkhead. 6Am and we would be up, the holidays close, my best friend James Bulter, granparents and kin,long days and rain, holiday rain.

An Eye Boggler

I do like these sorta things. Nature has many optical goings ons. I have been on roads that look like they are going downhill. The Northern Lights are another. Another one is my pay packet, it never seems to equate to the numbers in my bank account.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funky Fridays on PrestonFM: Your top 3 Funky Tunes

Funky Fridays on PrestonFM: Your top 3 Funky Tunes: "Your 3 Funky Tunes Want a chance to have your top 3 Funky tunes played? If you are in the area a chance to be interviewed about them and be..."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Test Mobile Post

An interesting sign in Lancashire.
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Saturday, October 09, 2010

zetlandpeat items - Get great deals on Books, Comics Magazines, Stamps items on eBay UK!

zetlandpeat items - Get great deals on Books, Comics Magazines, Stamps items on eBay UK!

A range of books for those studying Race, Gender and other social issues, some Lancashire books, Shetland items and some other bits.

You could always contact me directly

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ginkgo Biloba

For years, outside our house near London a tree grew, many a car bumper, light cluster and cyclist had came across it.
It stood proud, during hosepipe bans and feet of snow.
I used to lock my bike to it.

It was not for a while did I discover how this tree has survived more than I have ever seen thrown at it. From Ice ages to Hydrogen bombs.

The trees ancestors date back about 200 million years.

It is the single remaining tree species of the hundreds that once existed and is know as the LIVING FOSSIL

The tree is biologically simple in construction, simple branching veins.

At the end of the War with Japan in the 1940s The United States detonated a hydrogen bomb
over Hiroshima , The Ginkgo Trees in the area survived and still grow today, will those that were not fully exposed. Here is a web site about these trees. Many have temples near them, some continually have temples rebuilt around them.

The Ginkgo tree was introduced into Britain from Japan in the 18th Century. The tree at Kew dates to this time and is included in the Tree Council’s “50 great British Trees”. The world’s oldest and largest specimen -over 1,000 years old and 60 m in height - is at Yon Mun Temple, South Korea. The tree, often planted near temples, is sacred to Buddhists. “Ginkgo” means “silver nut/apricot” and derives from the old Japanese name. “biloba” refers to the two-lobed leaf.

I have ordered some seeds, I will send a couple to Kev, keep some myself.

I was told that keeping a female tree was frowned upon, now I know why, they smell of rancid butter. Sadly this has pushed the tree into the endangered species. Because of the popularity of the male trees they are struggling in the wild. May a chance to help by planting seeds, though I think away from houses.

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New presenter training dates available, get on board

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Grand Prize Winner | The Earth Awards

Grand Prize Winner | The Earth Awards

I look forward seeing this working, though there still seems to be the emphasis on keeping cars going..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Lull

Hello folks,

The last few weeks have sorta knocked it out of me. The realisation of massive changes and the fact that nothing can be done to stop them.
This month saw me finally clearing the last shackles from my parents house and take the last load to the tip. Watching the house drip our past into such places is a bit of a rum doo. I would go and tell my Dad all, it is easy to now as he has succumb to Alzheimer and is not really caring. But we do hit a wee spark every now and then, and funnily that seems acceptable.
I found a newspaper cutting from 1991 reporting on my Dad getting his degree in Maths. I remember it well. I packed up some of the things my Dad had started but never finished, all these new projects to prove that he was not loosing it. He would continually joke, but I remember the fear in his eyes when we spoke about his illness, the sad look in his eyes as he scans the photographs in the house. In a way he is now not living with his mistakes and they now sit unresolved. It could be a blessing, I don't know. He has no apparent fear now but since he is now kept in Viewforth his skin has started to ashen and build more character. After many years of looking after his fitness, running to the dump and back to pass the time the 58 year old looking funny Englishman is rapidly sprinting to look 70.
He had a hard upbringing, we made it hard for him too, my Mam was not well so he had to look efter her and when she passed in 1997 it seemed to be a trigger for him to let go a bit. He tried to get the house in order.
In the near future when the house down Burgh Road is sold I will complete the Shetlopedia page on it. It only seems fair to wait for now.
Looking back now I feel many things, but the one thing I feel the most is some regret. I will not list it cos it is generally yhe same for most folk.
My Dad has sorta passed on, we are now just saving his dignity, and hoping for a modicom of my Dad to come back for a wee while, probably to satisfy our own fears.

Look after yourselves and others..

Is it not gorgeous to know (or have known) gorgeous people....?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Muckle Flugga and Saxa Vord

Some say that this establishment, Saxa Vord, was a prime target for a Soviet Bomb.
At one time there was no way up here without attention.

It has rows of tube lights that face outward of the fence, the reason for this is shown above, the gunner gets a good view.

The tunnel does not go to the top, there are comments that there are underground bunkers here, the tunnel would disguise the numbers of folks using it perhaps.

But the drain could be a way in. (Famous Five thinking) All that security and they forget the drain, I think not.

Just beyond the fence and the lights you can see Muckle Flugga

And look the other way you can see the shore station for the Muckle Flugga Lighthouse

It is the most Northern point of the UK.
Well worth the visit.

Gannets offa the Yell Ferry