Aith Gun

Aith Gun
Breezy Isles, Shetland

Friday, December 17, 2010

TeeVee Rubbish

With the coming holiday I wonder how many folk will spend a couple of weeks watching this. It is the only time I think that many families will sit around the table for a meal. The seasons greatings will not be enjoyed by all. As with the world cup, this time brings the increase in violence against women and children. This sorta stuff needs to stop. There are many reasons for it and there is no simple answer. If, at this time, or any, you see these actions or the result of, could you sit back and not do anything. The sad thing is about it is if it were a cat or a dog being kicked to death we would report it.
Think of the kids and their mams. There are occasions that the male of the relationship is the one being abused. As I said, no simple answer.
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