Aith Gun

Aith Gun
Breezy Isles, Shetland

Monday, February 28, 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

My walk from the new defences at the Sletts up to the Knab has been fantastic. Although the frost is still lurking in the shadows, the sun breaks the chill and encourages a wee bit of perspiration. With the sun lighting their faces like sweets bring out the child there is a vigor in the greetings of the morning. Folk are smiling, children are chattin and I came across a grandad and grandaughter singing Shetland songs. There are many reasons to be cheerful. Embrace them. Have fun.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another good start.

Another great looking morning here on the Thule. I met with the representatives from the Shetland Coastguard yesterday. We did some recordings for future radio shows. Through out the session, the loss of jobs was last thing mentioned. Their total concern was the future safety of the Isles, the folk who use the seas not just around but for hundreds of miles. Also the Shetland Coastguard are involved in missing persons, mountain rescue, inland rescue and incident management. They provide the personal touch, educating kids and anyone who needs information. They deal with the kin if victims to help them understand and they know the area, its foybles and its folks. They do this with passion and vigor with complete confidence. So #saveshetlandcoastguard there is a meeting at the Town Hall on 28 Feb, sign the petition and put up a poster.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A good start at 60 Deg North

It always nice to meet a smiling face. I went into the pub last night to be greeted with smiles from folk who know me. Then for a second, knowing them I thought too that I may still have some of my tea still on my face. And it was as if I had never been away. The stories, tales and banter continued from 6 months before. Shetland has hever changing feelings in my heart, the land holds some of my kin and my best friend, its buildings hold my Dad who suffers with Alzheimer's. Another building shelters my Uncle who has been confined to a life of limited mobility, but he will improve. I have met some new folk already, happy sorta people with a nice attitude and a sense of caring. I still feel proud and very happy to be related to all these people. And very priviliged to have met, known and getting to know them.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

The setting sun

Every moment, the sun sets. It could be a great day, a hard year, a fruitful life or a good job.
The most some folk hope for is another day, to prove that stuff can get better. They may just want to experience some happiness. Many folk in the world thank the setting sun, another gruelling unforgivving and hungry day is over, one less to contend with. The setting sun comes with beauty and power. When the heat dies and the rays turn to a glow it gets cold. Scorching deserts become frozen. Everyone should be afforded the same tomorrow,one of warmth, full bellies, happy kids, contented auld folk. I cannot wait to se YOU tomorrow, my friend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Demo (ted) More will come

We had redundancy in our house a couple of weeks back. It said it may pay us a visit in a letter that started with 'Dear'. Who will it be was the initial question, though I thik deep down we knew. Work then becomes a most horrible place. Folk seem to go against being nice and helpful, working together. Some turn it into a vindictive quest, others work hard to minimise the harm. You are now redundant! Don't do much for your own sense of pride and self worth. No need for you to be there anymore, thanks. Now that it has left our house, we still find the odd dirty cup, cigarette butt and sock it left behind. If this cruel thing visits or announces a visit, go get some protection, advice and try to get your work mates to work together. We will all suffer its venom.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time runs out for some.

Well it seems that the next few weeks may or break this counties moral. Even now, in this new partnership none of us asked for the leaders have different views. The trouble with the right wing is they don't seem to care about folks feelings during hardship. The do tend to be reasonbly well off. The millionares who are running our country are quite immune to what their actions will do. After watching how they also manipulate meetings to suit their goals. We have had redundancy in our home recently, the process, the worry and the sleepless nights took their toll and that puts a strain on many things. All I can do is ask you to think of eachother. Support is paramount. And hopefully you will go to your last resting place happy and in love.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

All round vision.

I still remember these vehicles on our roads. I liked the curved windows. Our house in west london had curved windows, you got all round vision. Something that seems to be lacking in folk who think they know best for us. Pickles is in the Sun today with his comments about pay and blaming some councils for the problems. The fact is that no two councils are the same, so you cannot compare really, it would be unfair. The sad thing is the suffering this wil cause, stress, loss of income, unable to plan for the future and putting social housing schemes into jepardy. Meanwhile the rats still lurk around the house of power, with their millionair ways.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Alot at stake

What happens over the next few months will play a major part in how our society is shaped and how folk will be looked after.
We are suffering at the hands of some who show no feelingfor the harm they will do to people. Instead of making people worried, frightened for their future and making them feel voiceless we need to stand up and make our feelings be known. Some will say "what's the fuss about, I am OK!" These cuts will only show their teeth over the next two months, as more redundancies will be revealed, cuts to grants that keep folk off the street and an increase in crime as police numbers are cut and PCSOs are sacked. In Kingsfold the PCSOs have played an important part in making it a better place to live, sadly, after all the hard work and learning to trust it may go back to the way it was. On 5th May, make your voice known.
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Funky Fridays on PrestonFM: Febs Funk

Funky Fridays on PrestonFM: Febs Funk

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Spreading a little light.

We are workin hard to maintain stuff other folk rely on for their safety and well being. We seem lucky in our jobs, others are not so. It seems that the budgets required to look after folk seem to be getting hit. And society will be moving back to a time of having to look after their own. It also seems that we are being led down a path of segregation. Very few folk know the whole thing when they are on their own bringing up or looking after someone who needs some help. Some of these folks will have to prove that what they do is justified. Homeless will also suffer as grants are cut to charities that offer hope, many of our homeless are ex-forces, abandoned by the country and left to work out how to survive, it is why so many are in prison. Councils do so many complecated and involved things for folk, folk who have independant needs, something you cannot justify making a profit on. It seems to be getting worse, this is why I am standing in the comming local elections. I may only have a small voice, but it is backed up with a big heart.
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