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Aith Gun
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Friday, June 01, 2012

Questions to the Leader, 2

The minutes have been released internally and are such...

Questions to the Leader

Councillor Martin informed Council that he had been contacted by a member of his ward who, along with over 116,000 other Farepak savers, had yet to receive any money back and current projections were that they would receive only 15 pence in every pound as compensation. He asked if the Leader would ask her group to be supportive of any South Ribble victims of Farepak who came forward and if she would consider writing to the borough’s MPs about the issue and future regulation in the currently unregulated voucher market.

The Leader thanked Councillor Martin for having given her advance notice of the question which had given her an opportunity to look into the latest position. She said that it was sad that it was taking so long for the Farepak matter to be resolved but she understood that questions had already been asked in parliament and that around 6000 customers had now received some payment. She had contacted Lorraine Fullbrook’s office earlier in the day and, as far as Mrs Fullbrook could recall, she had not had any contact from concerned residents but would be willing to take it as far as she could if Councillor Martin and/or residents wished to contact her direct. She had informed the Leader that the administrators were moving forward in agreeing claims and that next of kin of any savers who had subsequently died would receive a payment in their stead.

Lorraine Fullbrook became MP in 2010.