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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kingsfold Community - Hardship Fund

Need a little help???

 There is a small fund available for those who may need a little help. This applies to groups and residents in Kingsfold. Please keep in mind, it is a small fund. If your group needs something or you are struggling to pay a bill or at risk of getting into debt then we may be able to help.
We will as well try to point you in the right direction and see if there are any other ways you can get help.
They will normally be a one off payment though consideration may be given for up to two months if required.
You must live in Kingsfold and your group must be in Kingsfold to help enhance the lives of Kingsfold residents.
The money is offered completely on trust. I would like to know how it was used though and if it helped.

It is a confidential service, unless your group would not mind me mentioning them on my radio show and on this and other website. Hopefully it will get you more attention.
You can contact me or pop along to the Penwortham Community Centre and speak to either Mick or Steve, the two officers. They will then contact me.

If you feel you want to take part in this project, have a little spare cash we are hoping to set a small committee up to perhaps boost this. It will evolve as time and experience goes.

Where did the money come from?
The Council at South Ribble voted to increase members expenses by £250 a year to cover increased costs of fuel and other modes of transport. I ride a bike every where, you may have seen me. So the extra "expense" is not really there. I obtained the bike from my work with the Cycle to Work scheme. I have added another £50 to that and it then lets us offer £25 a month. I know it is not a great amount, but it could be just enough to give a little boost, buy a little time or get the odd piece of stationary for your group.

The fund has been taken twice, not all of it, but enough to help.

I have recently qualified as a Community Health Champion with the Royal Society for Public Health. I now get regular updates from the NHS and other bodies. I will be putting this together for my web site and for here. It is taking a little longer than I hoped.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Although we have been complaining about the rain, it seems to be doing some good for the Penwortham Pumpkin Patch. The vegetables are in competition with each other. The potatoes will soon be ready, we have already been sampling the fresh peas and strawberries, they just keep coming.

The compost bins are now working for us, the rain harvesting is working too well, if anyone has a 1cubic metre cube for liquids we will be interested.

There is now an army of folk who come along, our plans are now to put in some sort of seating and we will be holding more events. There will now be folk there on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday eveinings as well as the normal working parties. Check for further details.

Penwortham Town Council have a community orchard and we will be helping them to develop a soft fruit patch amongst other things.

There is talk about starting up the food bank in Penwortham again, I cannot think of anything better than fresh fruit and veg to help folk along.

I have had talks with Mr Paul Pells of Penwortham Holme Allotments about getting involved in some of their projects and them helping out with ours. We spoke about the allotment providing flowering plants to spruce up the Kingsfold shopping area and providing seedlings and advice and some practical help to the Pumpkin Patch, PTC and anyone else who may require it.

Community Coppicing. There are plans for another group to be started in Leyland. We can cut up to 10 cubed metres of wood, some folk come and help because they have wood burners, we do need to keep some by to sell which will help in paying for insurance and training. If you are interested in taking part let me know. We are also looking for somewhere where we can store up to 40 cubic metres of wood for seasoning (40 large builders bags). They do not have to be in one place.

Cardboard for compost heaps. If you want some old egg boxes let me know. A kind local business man has offered some to us. They are ideal for composting as egg boxes are generally the last use for recycled cardboard as the fibres become too short, but break down really well.

The Penwortham Pumpkin Patch took part in the Penwortham Open Gardens this year, a very encouraging turn out. We supplied plants and refreshments for free, just asked for donations, so a big thank you to those who donated.

I have been talking to The Kay Holmes Trust about a memorial garden for Katy, I am sure many of you will be aware of the Katy Holmes Trust .
We will develop an interactive garden, one with information boards and some fruiting plants, food for life will be the theme. Talks are in their youth still but we have South Ribble Borough Council and Penwortham Town Council on board. So, watch this space.

As out plants reach for the skies, the work seems never to be done. We are already planning next year and learning from what we have done this year. Be sure that it will be much better.

If you want any further information, please contact me, my web site has a contact FORM HERE

Many thanks for reading and we hope to see you at one of our events.

Cllr. Keith Martin

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Community Health Champion

Hi folks,

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in some very good company. I attended the "Community Health Champion" course held by North West Employers for us councillors.

I was quite taken aback at all the information that was presented, also the passion of those hosting the course and the speakers that came on both days.

I have not had time to digest all the information, I collected many links and the possibility of some funding for projects, over the next week I will collate these and present them here, I will also be doing it for the South Ribble Labour Group.

From what I have seen, from South Ribble, only Labour councillors attended. In our session, there were two Conservatives from Cumbria CC. Two Labour councillors from Liverpool CC and one Labour councillor from Halton. Cllr Mick Titherington and myself were the only councillors in opposition.
This may make it a little difficult to put issues forward in South Ribble, we can only hope that the Tories there see some sense. We will give our councillors as much information as we can.

The training was specifically designed for community members, North West Employers are looking at holding some more, so if you are interested, get on to them, they mentioned September.

One thing that did stand out was much of the research was done in and around Liverpool. It was important I thought to mention this at the end of the session, we should see Liverpool as forward and not, as the Tory media would like to see it as the reverse. What the North West is benefiting from is the hardships of a few. Please keep that in your thoughts.