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Aith Gun
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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Alfred Rosenberg

A while ago I found a book at a charity stall. For some reason, it had a very sinister feel and look to it, it was in German and printed in 1939. It is called Myth of the 20th Century  I did a little research and found that this was one of the reasons Alfred Rosenberg, the author, was executed after the war by Pierpoint. I lent the book to a friend who fancied a go at reading it, he was stationed in Berlin during the Cold War and knew a little of the German Language. After getting it back, I was a wee bit worried what to do with it. If I sold it, what sort of group or person would buy it and for what reason. I contacted the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam and let them know of my thoughts and wondered if they knew a safe deposit for the book. They emailed back and said a researcher is very interested in the book and thought it could help their cause. Of course, how could I say no. The book will be on its way to the Museum at the week end, with hope it may help the research and be part of the museum and give an insight as to why we should never, never let this be acceptable, the persecution of another race.

Anne Frank
Died of Typhus weeks before the British liberated the camp.

If you ever visit Amsterdam, please take the time to visit the Anne Frank Museum. The industrial extermination of human beings depicted is very moving. Many a wet eye during my visit.


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